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About FissionBlue Creative

Our Core Values and Why We're In Business
about fissionblue creative


We take pride in what we do and view each project as an opportunity to strengthen our brand and authority as a whole. It is our pleasure to serve your business in creating an online presence that excels at its purpose.

about fissionblue creative


It’s our responsibility to keep you informed on your project. In doing so, we keep all company channels open for communication, whether it be a sales inquiry, support question, or a simple suggestion.

about fissionblue creative

Unmatched Value

It’s no secret that many SMBs are becoming more frugal due to economic conditions. We recognize this as a small business ourselves, and firmly believe giving more with each order helps pay it forward.

Our Vision & Mission

Going into 2019, websites are so much more than simply online profiles for businesses. They are used to sell products, generate internet or foot traffic, educate readers, or even increase awareness about issues affecting society. We envision a world where the web is fully leveraged by the modern small & medium business. Our mission is to empower startups & SMB owners to take full advantage of their modern, optimized website design.

Meet the Team

Justin A. Ponce

Justin A. Ponce

General Manager/Owner

Justin grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley where he attended San Jose State University. His background consisted mainly of sales & account management for technology-focused businesses, serving clients like Nvidia, SanDisk, Maybank, and NASA. He practices his belief that you never stop learning regardless of your academic enrollment or age—either you’re growing or you’re shrinking.

When not managing FissionBlue’s day-to-day operations, his passions include improving his coding abilities, composing & producing electronic music, and writing about technology & business for online publications. He has been living and traveling throughout Southeast Asia for 6 years now, with an annual trip back to California (or whenever he’s able to).