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Frequently Asked Questions

Migration FAQ


Can I Migrate More Sites than What's Included?

Yes, in some cases. If you are a current Alpha, Beta, or Gamma Class customer, you may freely upgrade or downgrade between the three plans as you see fit. Please note the Sapphire Shared Class supports only one website.

If you wish to add more sites, or create a combination not provided, you may mix and match more than one plan.

How Long Do Migrations Take? What Do You Need to Start Migrating My Sites?

The actual migration process may take as little as 30 minutes. If it’s a larger site we’re moving, it may take over 2 hours. We may ask a few things before we begin:

  1. Admin access to your WordPress site
  2. FTP or Control Panel Access to your old host
  3. DNS zone file access to update your records*
  4. When you’d like us to start (see next question)

*We may update your DNS records as a courtesy, though you are invited to change them on your own if you know how. Alternatively, you may ask your DNS provider to update the zone file records for you.

How Long Should I Wait for the Migration?

As stated above, most migrations only take around 30 minutes to complete. Even after you provide all the required info, there may be a short wait before we get to your migration.  The wait time will depend on a few things, like the number of support requests we receive that particular day. Migrations are treated on a first-come first-serve basis by our support teammates. You may also schedule your WordPress migration to occur at a time convenient for you, i.e. early mornings or weekends.

Does Migrating Change My WordPress Site?

No. We are only moving it to FissionBlue servers. Your pictures, content, & your settings stay the same. If the migration requires us to change something, like updating WordPress, we will notify you and attempt to make a backup beforehand.

Contact & Billing FAQ


Who Do I Contact if I Need Help?

We have numerous channels open for you to reach out. If you have a general question or a sales question, you may use [email protected] or call us at (408)758-5757.

If you are an existing customer and need our support, you may submit a ticket here or by emailing [email protected] or via the blue chat button in the bottom right corner of our site. You may view current and previous tickets via the Billing System. Note that you must be logged in to view tickets.

How do I Change or Cancel my Hosting?

The Billing Dashboard is accessed by logging into our site. You may suspend or cancel your web hosting by navigating to My Account > Services. If you choose to suspend or cancel, we ask that you also confirm with us at [email protected] or at [email protected] via your account email address.

How do I Change My Payment Info?

The Billing Dashboard is accessed by logging into our site. You may update payment info under My Account > Payment Methods. If you have any difficulties or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] to get help.

I Can't Login to the Billing Dashboard

Not to worry, it happens! You may reset your password here. Keep in mind that too many failed logins or password resets will lock your account. If you still need help or get locked out, shoot us an email at [email protected] to get help. You may be asked to verify your account details before we can assist you.

General Hosting FAQ


What is a Managed Host and Why is It Better?

In addition to providing premium WordPress management features through the control panel, FissionBlue managed hosting servers allocate and reserve resources you’ll need to run your website. Each website has its own storage, CPU power, and RAM, running completely insulated from its neighbors.

Picture a 5 star hotel where each guest has their own penthouse, water supply, air conditioning, and private view of the city skyline. Now let’s apply the same analogy to traditional shared hosting: You have a budget hotel where all guests use public showers, aren’t allowed to change the temperature, and share a common patio to view the skyline. If one guest turns on the lights, dries their hair, watches TV, brews a cup of coffee, all while heating their breakfast in the microwave, the other guests have no electricity.

Does FissionBlue Managed Hosting Include Email?

No, and here’s why. Successfully running an email server involves a lot of intricate steps (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, spam filters, white-listing, and more) and we’ve chosen to focus specifically on what we’re best at: hosting websites.

FissionBlue hosting is unable to provide support related to email, and instead recommend using a reputable provider, such as Gsuite, Zoho, or Outlook 365.

I Need an Email Provider. Who Do You Recommend?

G Suite by Google Cloud grants you the premium versions of Gmail, Drive, etc., but under your own domain name. Super Admins are given exacting control over their users. They may change permissions settings and fine tune hundreds more if they so choose. FissionBlue Creative uses G Suite.

Office 365 for Business offers a few flavors, from business-class email to the full suite of Microsoft Office products. If your business relies on Outlook, Word, Excel, and the rest of Microsoft’s product family, this should be an easy decision.

There are perhaps dozens of worthy email providers besides these two that you may discover with research. The size of your team, the features you need, and your budget, will all help determine which provider you move forward with.

I'm an Agency. Why FissionBlue Hosting?

As a digital agency, the biggest benefit to you while using FissionBlue is hosting your own customers. You may provide them with your own premium hosting services or maintenance plans. The monthly cost of your hosting is fixed and you can charge your clients whatever you like, resulting in new streams of (near) passive revenue.

Your agency is provided with tools to manage your clients’ WordPress sites and access level. We are eager to provide your agency with the incredible support we’ve developed a reputation for! Though keep in mind, your agency must provide basic support for your clients in some capacity.

Control Panel FAQ


How Do I Login to the Control Panel?

Your Control Panel login info is emailed to you after activating your hosting plan for the first time. Please note your Control Panel login info may differ from the Billing System login info. Though they are linked, they are separate systems.

Log into your Billing System account, find the “Services” module, and click on the plan you wish to view the access details for.

We are also able to resend/reset your Control Panel login info at your request. Just send an email to [email protected] to let us help.

What Are the Key Features of Plesk Onyx?

We chose Plesk Onyx as our Control Panel vendor because of its powerful features, such as:

  • Easy website backup scheduling and restoration processes
  • Free, native Let’s Encrypt SSL integration and automatic certificate renewals
  • Web based file manager, making traditional FTP access optional rather than required
  • WordPress hardening, cloning, & updating via WordPress Toolkit. Click here to read the full documentation.